The Absurd Cross: An Evening with Peter Rollins

When: March 24, 7:30PM

Where: Shelton Auditorium, Christian Theological Seminary, 1000 West 42nd Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46208

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Religions, in both their spiritual and secular varieties, offer various techniques designed to help us live more meaningful, fulfilling and satisfying lives. There are priests and prophets all over the planet ready to tell us that the path to salvation lies in everything from power, money and fame to prayer, meditation and CrossFit.

Even in the midst of our daily routines, we can be painfully aware that our world is precarious. At any moment we might be undone by the feeling that this world is absurd. In response, we shore up all manner of religious defenses that promise to keep the void at bay.

In contrast, Peter Rollins will argue that there is a religionless heart to Christianity that overturns the tables of meaning, clears out the temples of tidy answers and drives out the sellers of certainty. Here the supposed “good news” that we can be all that we can be, is exposed as bad news. In its place we will hear a gospel with the incendiary ability to break down our defenses against the abyss, so that we might confront it face to face.

Join Peter and GraceUnlimited as we sensitize ourselves to the scandal of this gospel message—a message that promises personal and political transformation only when we embrace a life beyond meaning, beyond certainty and beyond satisfaction, a life freed from the frenetic pursuit of wholeness, and from all the demons hidden along that path.