A Heavenly Reconsideration—a Poem by Wesley Sexton (Butler ‘16)

I can’t say lamb anymore
than I could have said damn to my mother
as a 3rd grader, though I tried once,
quoting my older brother,
and still I was sent to my room
without supper. I think Jesus came
not just to say so many true things
and wear a thorny crown but also to point
to the godliness of our world – this one,
not the one A&E* fell out of, but the one
they fell into. No one wants us lying in bed
of an afternoon, hands crossed over our chests.
Our proper place is under the yellow eye,
amongst grey-birds & stick-bugs, filling our bodies
with as much green as possible. For this,
God sits beside every unburied tomb
singing wildly in the mouths of bees,
the song of our resurrection if we knew
only to look for it in this world,
the one God himself inhabited
and asked us so enthusiastically to love.

*Adam and Eve