New Creation

New Creation

God is Emanuel. God with us.

He doesn’t leave, always present. Yet, to many of us, there is a moment in our life when God enters into our life and everything changes…

This is a perception, God didn’t enter, God was already there…

Working, guiding, redeeming us to new life, as he always has been.

God with us.

When we become a new creation, God isn’t suddenly there making us new. God was always there…Working, guiding, and redeeming.

God was/is the father with open arms, ready to welcome us home, as we drifted. His love, immeasurable, was/is there beckoning us to come home. (Luke 5:11-32)

BUT,Even this is perception.

God’s love is sacred, it is all and in all. (Ephesians 4:6) God’s love is/was working with us when we thought we were on our own, alone. “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death” (Psalm 23:6).

God is there. Ever present.

God with us.

This isn’t to discount our own “surrender moment”, or when we were “saved”…

But THAT is a perception.

God was there even before that moment.

You are the Beloved.

You have always been the Beloved.

Even though you were the prodigal, God was there.

Even though you were alone and walked in the shadows, God was there.

You are the Beloved.

We can often feel that once we are with God our past selves don’t matter…

However, that doesn’t speak true.

Under self-examination we can see even how in our prodigal self, God was there.

Working, guiding, redeeming our broken, weary souls to new life.

HOWEVER, Our New Selves, our New Creation, changes Everything.

It is a change in perception.

But even perception in it’s messy existence, changes everything.

Our new perception can and will change all aspects in our life.

It is a Grand Realization.

Our perception as a New Creation is a New Creation.

It enables us to live free and it enlightens our path.

It enables us to see Abba, the Father, who in the past was welcoming us home with open arms, but also forward as we pursue him continually to love others.

BUT, Our new perception can lead us to view all other broken weary souls as broken, wicked creatures…

They may be the prodigal, they may be the lost sheep…

But above all else,

They are the Beloved.

Allow us not be the elder brother. Allow us not be the self-righteous pharisee. Allow us to know our own broken story…

How God is in ALL.

Working, guiding, and redeeming.

Our New Creation, our realization, enables us to spread the “Good News”.

The “Good News” is vast…

That God is with us. Ever present.

That God is all and in all.


Our new creation allows us to recognize the importance of our new perception. Of our knowledge of God’s eternal love.

Ever present.



God with us.

Our new creation calls us to spread this “Good News” to all.

Our perception of God’s ever present love and God’s continual eternal presence in all things is critical.

However, We must not lose the perception of old self,

of the lost and weary.

We must view all as Holy.None is lost.

All is sacred.

We must embrace the New Creation in its sheer vastness for all.

And we must proclaim this Gospel to usher the Kingdom for All.

-Elliot Harrod